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Treatment for Adults

Perhaps you want to improve your bite, or maybe you’ve always wanted a beautiful smile. At Eisenberger & Adler Orthodontics, we believe it is never too late to get the smile you deserve. We’re glad that you have decided to do something “just for you”, so from the best cosmetic braces Brooklyn has to offer, to our orthognathic surgery options, we want to help you reach your smile goals.

During your complimentary first visit, the team at Eisenberger & Adler Orthodontics will take photos and the appropriate x-rays for our team of doctors to conduct a thorough initial exam and explain your options. You can also learn more about what problems to watch for in adults by downloading this brochure. Typical treatment options for adults include:

SureSmile Braces
Damon Braces
Invisalign® or Invisalign Express® (clear aligners)

Orthognathic Surgery

In some cases where jaw irregularities exist, both the jaws and the teeth need to be repositioned so that the best result is achieved. Because adults are no longer growing, this is accomplished through jaw surgery in conjunction with orthodontics. This process is known as orthognathic surgery.

In preparation for surgery, braces are placed initially to align the teeth. Orthodontic treatment is resumed after surgery and healing so that the doctors can fine tune your bite with your jaw in its new position. If this is the best treatment option for you, Eisenberger & Adler Orthodontics will work with your oral and maxillofacial surgeon every step of the way throughout your treatment.