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Damon Braces


The Damon System is a better alternative in orthodontic treatment than traditional braces with metal brackets. Many times this conventional form of braces will require the removal of healthy teeth and the implementation of palatal expanders, which can feel as uncomfortable as they sound. The Damon System Bracelift will help create a fuller smile and balance facial aesthetics. Straighter teeth that are less crowded will also keep patients smiling more. They are used without the aid of teeth extractions and expanders and are easier to clean than brackets. The Damon System can achieve the same results of giving you a great, full, natural smile in a shorter time and at a cost that is comparable to traditional braces or even invisible aligners like Invisalign.


The cost of treatment is a big concern for many patients. Considering that the cost of the Damon System is comparable to traditional braces, why would anyone not choose a method that yields better results in a shorter amount of time, and one that is also more comfortable? While it is understandable that cost is an issue for many, it should by no means be the only factor to consider when choosing which type of treatment to get.

The cost of Damon Braces will be determined by the doctor and depends on the individual patient as some may have to wear their braces for longer periods of time. Dental insurance plans may cover the cost and financing is usually available through the individual Damon Doctor. Not only does the Damon System provide great results, they are typically worn for a shorter period than traditional braces — in some cases up to six months shorter. This means fewer office visits are required, and few patients complain about that.


The confidence and elevated self-image that people get from having their teeth straightened is not really something you can put a monetary value on. An improved smile makes us feel better about smiling, so we do more of it. The boost in self-image that results in improving our overall look is priceless. Having realigned teeth can make us look younger and add balance to our facial features.


Braces are no longer a treatment that is associated with tweens and teenagers. Many adults can benefit greatly from the improved smile that straighter teeth can deliver. It’s a noninvasive procedure that does not take a lot of time, and with the choice of Damon Clear, the braces are virtually invisible, so you’ll never have to worry about being embarrassed or afraid to smile. Having properly aligned teeth can also help you chew better by improving your bite. Straighter teeth are also easier to keep clean.


Just because the Damon System works fast, does not mean that the effects of the treatment are shortened or are in any way dangerous. The system is just another way to achieve the same results as traditional braces with brackets, but through the use of a low-friction process that gently guides teeth. Patients feel very little discomfort with the Damon System.