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CareCredit Financing for Braces

Orthodontic work can be costly. While it is certainly a necessary expense, and one that can save you money in the long run, confronting a large dental bill can be more than a little overwhelming for many people. For those individuals who are not covered by dental insurance and need help paying their dental bills, CareCredit is a great choice. CareCredit works like a credit card, in fact, participants are issued cards that they can use to cover dental or other discretionary health expenses. There are several options for financing and the payments can be spread out over a considerable amount of time. The no-interest promotional period offered by CareCredit is another great savings over traditional credit cards.


CareCredit can help cover dental care procedures like root canals, implants, caps, crowns and, of course, braces. Many people, adults and children alike, will need corrective orthodontic work to help straighten crooked teeth. This is a large expense that many families would struggle to pay for if it were not for CareCredit.


Getting accepted into the credit care program can be done on-line or over the phone. Our office staff at Eisenberger & Adler Orthodontics can also assist you in applying during an office visit. It’s easy to get accepted and the line of credit issued is subject to credit approval. The only thing you’ll need to provide when applying for this financing plan is your name, address, date of birth, social security number and your driver’s license. Your information is secure and protected. In addition to providing you with a finance plan for braces, you can also use your line of credit to pay for teeth whitening or any expenses from dental work not covered by your insurance plan. Once you have entered into the program, you can use your line of credit as many times as you like, up to the limit.


You can make your monthly payments until the balance is paid off, or you can pay off the total balance at any time. There is no penalty for early pay-off. There is a minimum purchase of $200 required and your balance will remain interest free for a promotional period that is either 6, 12, 18 or 24 months. After this promotional period ends, the annual percentage rate and low monthly payment are comparable to major credit cards. This makes CareCredit an attractive option for many patients who require a lot of dental work. Once you sign up and use CareCredit to finance your braces, you can log into your online account and check your balance and see your statements and pay your bills online too.

​The cost of orthodontic work does not have to create an undue burden on patients or their families. The CareCredit financing plan for braces is a great way to lighten the load by financing repayment over time and the no-interest promotional periods can also help save money.